THEUNISSEN is a French luxury fashion and accessories company founded in May 2019 by Ariane Theunissen. A young Belgian student who settles in Paris for her studies as fashion designer at the Institut Français de la Mode, formerly La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. From the very beginning of Ariane Theunissen's activities, she decided to join forces with a young student from Strasbourg, Emma Di Penta, who had been living in Paris since the end of 2018, starting her studies at the Mod'Art International Paris school and completing her degree in fashion and luxury management and marketing. THEUNISSEN designs and manufactures ready-to-wear clothing and luxury accessories in Europe. The brand is distributed internationally, notably in Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom. The prototypes are manufactured exclusively in Paris. The articles offered by the company are of high quality and luxury. Concerning raw materials, the brand is supplied in France and Italy and the materials used for the accessories are from up-cycling leather from unused stocks of French luxury fashion houses.



The THEUNISSEN style is the result of an unresolved conflict of punk influences and an education based on the bourgeois classical codes of the young artistic director Ariane Theunissen. A provocative and casual class all in subtlety reminiscent of the Japanese street style of the streets of Tokyo. The cut, combining inspirations from the feminine silhouette of the 80's and an atmosphere derived from Italian film noir, creates a new in-between. The THEUNISSEN style is unisex thanks to a wardrobe borrowed from the boys to think about the costume in a new way and write a new story for it, more nuanced.